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Sonic Sea

Directed by Daniel Hinerfeld and Michelle Dougherty. Written by Mark Monroe. Narrated by Rachel McAdams. It won 2 Emmy Awards® for best Nature Documentary and best Music & Sound. It was nominated for best Graphic Design & Art Direction. Kashina was an Emmy Award® recipient as co-producer. She also was an additional editor.  It aired on the Discovery Channel® The film is about the adverse effects of ocean noise on marine mammals.

Wild Things

Directed by Daniel Hinerfeld. It aired on the Pivot TV ® Kashina was the trailer editor, motion graphics editor, and additional editor.  The film is about the overgrown population of wolves and coyotes and their adverse effect on ranchers. It also is an exploration of humane solutions to help solve this complex issue. 

Peace Paddle

Directed, produced, and edited by Kashina Kessler.  Legendary surfer Laird Hamilton and activist Kelly Meyer lead a call to action to protect our oceans.

Stories From the Gulf

Directed by Daniel Hinerfeld and narrated by Robert Redford. It aired on the Discovery Planet Green ® Kashina was the Associate Producer and Additional Editor. This feature documentary is edited with a unique style utilizing still photos against StoryCorps audio interviews. It is about the Gulf Oil Spill affecting the livelihood of local residents. 


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