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Paris Climate March

Starring Robert Redford.  Edited by Kashina Kessler.  Music directed by Kashina Kessler. The spot was shown at the Unesco building at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. 

Chick Fil-A

Edited by Kashina Kessler.  This is one PSA out of a series of PSAs. Auntie Biotic is an overgrown chicken having a dialogue with New Yorkers on the street, with the call-to-action to tell KFC to stop pumping their chickens with antibiotics.

Sigourney Weaver: Offshore Drilling

Edited by Kashina Kessler.  Sigourney Weaver leads a call-to-action to protect America's coasts from offshore drilling

Ryan Reynolds: Price of a Gallon of Gas

Edited by Kashina Kessler.  Ryan Reynolds leads a call-to-action for clean energy and climate legislation.

Robert Redford: Courage of His Convictions

Edited by Kashina Kessler.  Robert Redford asks President Obama to have the courage of his convictions and clean up carbon emissions from dirty power plants.


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